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Vision Dances

Vision Dances

These are truly imaginary dances; for the music becomes embodied within my mind as I envision the heroines and their characters.
Pantomime, for example, is full of grotesqueness and sarcasm; its personage is distinguished through awkward, grimacing movements. Though this character's resolve is to amuse us, he is capable of chuckling at himself as well.
Duel is a sword combat, where the resounding clink of metal is imitated by the distinctive sound of nails running over the chords of a guitar, accompanied by a strike of its body. Everything happens somewhat rapidly. The main theme, which in the beginning sounds much like a disquieting omen, soon grows into true warfare complete with passionate aggression. As we reach the final bars of the piece, we hear the heart of the defeated pulsate slower and slower until it ultimately ceases to beat while the victor triumphs.
Metamorphoses takes on a different allegory altogether; it is the music of conflicting sensations and circumstances. It is that which bestows an epiphany upon the listener when he allows himself to succumb to his essence and to his ambiance, simultaneously feeling as though he is one with the world surrounding him.

Five Senses for Children's Home Theatre

This series was written in 2003 as an echo of personal childhood impressions and reminiscences. Every New Years Eve, friends and family would traditionally gather at grandmother's house. The children, adorned in costumes made up of old clothing, makeup, and wigs, would perform impromptu skits in which we each carried out scenes depicting fairy tails and popular cartoons. This became our own extraordinary childhood drama.

Valse "Un rendes-vous mysterieux"

For a number of days, I continuously hummed a tune that seemed to me extremely familiar. I later realized that this melody was of my own creation... my version of a Waltz... which I composed at the age of 12. Because I could not remember anything save the main theme, I was compelled to compose my early opus once again. And so the Waltz was reborn while I obtained a mystifying rendezvous with my adolescence.


This is not simply a musical piece, but a humorous tail of a character that constantly finds himself in the exact same situation (refrain), yet despite his taxing efforts he cannot get out of it (episodes).

Farewell Serenade

This is a farewell serenade with a traditional setting. A young man sings sweetly to his beloved, parting with her for he does not know whether or not he will return (main theme). He croons to her of the adventures and triumphs that await him in the unknown (first couplet) and tells her of how tenderly and sorrowfully he will think of her (second couplet). Nevertheless with every utterance, he remembers that he must part with his love (main theme).
Vision Dances Attractions Retro Preludes, Nocturnes, Ballades